Monday, May 13, 2013


The world is a continuum

Simply revolving on its own accord,

Despite the path its occupants take.

The day we realize

That we are nothing more

Than a collection of atoms and cells

A mass taking up air and space

The day we realize this

Is the day we all stop moving

The day we all collapse

Under the realization

That we mean nothing

We are insignificant.

We carry on in our selfish ways

But that day will never come

Because we will never cease to indulge

In our own selfish fantasies

That we mean something

That we are of significance

But this is all, but a lie

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Can you guess what I am?

The blood of my opponents
Is smeared all on my body
And dripping down my sides
The flesh and juice has settled
The roar becomes dull
My blades have just stopped turning
Easing to a halt
My powers been diminished
And my work has been fulfilled

Friday, May 3, 2013

Little monsters

Little monsters
Scary monsters
Roaming round the night

Claws outstretched
and teeth bared wide
Looking for a freight

Little children cuddled up
In bedrooms
Tucked all tight

While dreaming, hoping, wishing
Little monsters
Do not come into sight

Scurry, scurry
Creak, creak, creak
Little monster feet

Pitter patter
Little claws
Stomping round the street

Peeking in the windows
and lurking behind the door

Do you see the little monsters?
Listen and hear them roar

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh Little Poem

Write me a poem
Oh little poem
How short and stout you will be
Write me a poem
Oh little poem
I really don't want to write thee

But now you are finished
All done
Oh little poem I see

Friday, April 12, 2013

All the Things Inside Me

I am a flea who is restless
I remain unseen, yet I am always there
I sleep in the crevasses of the mind

I am an eerie glow that clings to the world
Because through my eyes
I never know what is real and what is not
I scream because its the only sound I can make to draw attention

I am the harp of a violin, played to make you weep
I am the sound of a dying soul

In my bones and through my veins
The flames of a dull fire flow
Which are harmless
Until I am force-fed a strong glass of kerosene

When I speak, people rarely seem to listen
They think that what I say, its tainted
They don't know that the words I speak
They are all my truths
All my attempts to prove my innocence

I am dressed in a straight jacket
Forever wrapped inside myself
Trapped in the confines of my own mind

I take my poison in a shot glass
It spreads through my veins like light through a dark room

I'm solely convinced I have maggots
That they lie beneath my skin
And eat away at my mind

It's why people look
And point
And whisper
They say "Look at that man,
see him over there?
He's living proof
that insanity exists."

And I say, maybe it actually does

Thursday, April 4, 2013


It made the drums pound
Heart beating fast
So rapidly in fact, I thought
It'd burst
It made the waves crash down upon me
Throwing my body back and forth
With such severe thrashing, I thought
I'd snap
It made my ears ring, the whistle of a kettle
The high agonizing pitch
It screamed so loud, I thought
My ears would bleed
It's the insanity that did it
The drums, the whistle, the waves
It's all the crazy in me
The insanity
The insane

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Love Story

Its a panoramic view
It circles above
Catching every glimmer of a smile
Every laugh
(There must be laughter)
An embrace
(There must be that too)
And back round music
Something sweet, to match the mood
To bring the want
The desire
The jealously
The joy
All the appropriate emotions evoked
Then you'll know you've got it
The perfect moment in time
The scene of a first kiss
Or a first date 
The first of anything
Anything to do
With a love story